My name is Corey and I am a south Florida native. I mention Florida because its been one of the most shaping parts of my life. Not only personally, but also as an artist. I grew up on the gulf coast and have been wrangling shrimp out of the bait bucket since before the age of 2. Ive had a fishing rod in my hand ever since. Florida is obviously know for the beach, but only ten miles away is a rich ranching community. The largest east of the Mississippi as a matter of fact. I now live in this lesser known nook of Florida with my wife Alyssa and our dachshund "Remmy". I still fish plenty. I just hunt a whole lot more than I did growing up in town.

    Honesty and Authenticity....Now hear me out. I am not claiming to be the picture of either of those. However, I have set my sights on them. My hope is to portray those things through my work. Authenticity is one thing money can't buy, but it is something we all want. My hope in working for any company is that we create something really authentic. Something that connects with the viewer on a deeper more meaningful level. The modern consumer is aware and can see through the bull#$%@ so lets not not do any of that. If your company wants to create something honest and authentic let me know and I'll take a crack at it.

-Corey Woosley